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Wisdom Teeth Removal In Bentleigh

Are you searching for an expert dentist for wisdom teeth removal in Bentleigh? The highly experienced dentists of Ornate Dental Clinic are known for exceptional professionalism and reliability in all aspects of dentistry including wisdom teeth removal. 

Our main objective is to provide a stress-free environment to all patients, who come for wisdom tooth extraction irrespective of their age and health conditions. Our expert dentist in East Bentleigh provides wisdom teeth removal that is renowned for providing endodontic treatment to save those teeth that have been badly damaged because of any disease or decay.  

The friendly touch of our professionals during wisdom tooth extraction in Bentleigh, combined with the use of latest technology and advanced equipment, minimises your anxiety and alleviates your concerns. 


Speciality Of Our Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal In Bentleigh

Ornate Dental Clinic offers highly proficient dentists who are experts in emergency wisdom tooth removal in Bentleigh. They are capable of dealing with the most complicated situations that arise during wisdom teeth removal surgery. Our dentists have attained their expertise in this field through specialised training. 

Our wisdom dental emergency service in Bentleigh involves proper examination of your teeth using a digital radiograph. Sinuses and nerves associated with your wisdom teeth are also examined. We also review your dental history to ensure the best treatment suitable for your wisdom teeth. 

We are known for offering both simple extractions and complex removals of your wisdom teeth that require surgery. The position and condition of your wisdom teeth decide the type of treatment you require. 


Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips – Things To Remember After Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Patients may experience pain or discomfort for 3-4 days.
  • Try to eat soft foods and avoid crunchy foods during the recovery period.
  • Do not use straws as suction can put pressure on wounds and lead to bleeding.
  • Brush gently and avoid gargling.
  • Do not smoke for a few days as it can delay the healing process.

In the aftermath of wisdom teeth removal, our dentist advice to carefully follow instructions for quicker and proper healing.

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