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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom Teeth Removal In Bentleigh East, Melbourne

Are you searching for dental clinics that perform wisdom teeth removal in Bentleigh East, Melbourne? Do you need expert advice and examination for your wisdom teeth to ensure good oral health? Do you need an emergency wisdom tooth removal dentist in Bentleigh East?

Ornate Dental Clinic offers professional wisdom tooth extraction in Bentleigh that ensures the proper alignment and growth of your other teeth. We examine your wisdom tooth development, confirm with you whether it will damage your oral health, and safely remove it to ensure the proper growth of other teeth.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

These are the third set of molars that erupt between the ages of 18 to 25. You may experience pain due to the eruption. Your dentist will examine the eruption of your wisdom teeth by taking an x-ray of your teeth and gums. Based on the growth direction, wisdom teeth eruption can be quite painful.

Why Does A Wisdom Tooth Be Removed?

Most wisdom teeth need to be removed for various reasons. If your gums and jaws are not big enough for the eruption and development of wisdom tooth, it can lead to misalignment.

Wisdom teeth can also be impacted or partially grown, causing severe pain. Wisdom teeth can also grow at the wrong angle, can damage other teeth, and cause severe pain. In all these cases, you can contact us for East Bentleigh wisdom teeth removal.

The Extraction Process

At Ornate Dental Clinic, we will examine your tooth using a digital radiograph. We will also examine the sinuses and nerves associated with your wisdom tooth. We will review your medical and dental history to confirm the best treatment option for your wisdom teeth, including the extraction.

Are you experiencing severe pain and need emergency wisdom teeth removal in Bentleigh? We can offer a simple extraction to a complex removal that requires surgery, based on the condition of your wisdom tooth.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips – Things To Remember After Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Patients may experience pain or discomfort for 3-4 days.
  • Try to eat soft foods and avoid crunchy foods during the recovery period.
  • Do not use straws as suction can put pressure on wounds and lead to bleeding.
  • Brush gently and avoid gargling.
  • Do not smoke for a few days as it can delay the healing process.

In the aftermath of wisdom teeth removal, our dentist advice to carefully follow instructions for quicker and proper healing.

Struggling Wisdom Tooth Eruption And Pain?

Call us today on (03) 9042 3460 for wisdom tooth extraction in Bentleigh. You can book an appointment for our services online.