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Tooth Extractions

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Tooth Extractions In East Bentleigh, Melbourne

Do you have a tooth that is beyond repair and extraction is the only option to reduce pain and infection?

In many cases, dentists ask patients to go for a tooth extraction to save other teeth from infection and to stop the pain. Tooth extraction is very common in dentistry, and dentists also remove broken, chipped, and decaying teeth if they find the teeth to be beyond repair.

Ornate Dental Clinic offers advanced tooth extractions in Bentleigh East if we identify that your tooth cannot be restored with crowns, fillings, or veneers. Note that we do our best to save your tooth, but teeth extraction could be the only option to ensure total oral health.

Why Should You Go For Tooth Extraction

People who have an impacted wisdom tooth need the extraction to save their other teeth from damage. People who want to straighten their teeth may need to extract a few to accommodate braces for the proper alignment of the remaining teeth. Also, teeth that block the way of other teeth also need to be extracted to avoid crowding of teeth.

The Extraction Procedure

After the initial assessment, we will take the images of your tooth and the surrounding areas using a digital radiograph. It will help us to identify the best method for extraction that can ensure the safe removal of the tooth and quick healing. We will also go through your medical and dental history before offering you tooth extractions at our Bentleigh East clinic.

The radiograph images help us to identify the complexities affecting the nerves and sinuses. The analysis also verifies any infections or tumours that can significantly impact the procedure. Do you know that even a bone disease can affect the success of tooth extraction?

Based on our findings, we will conclude whether you require a simple extraction or a complex surgical extraction. We will also discuss our findings and conclusions with you and get your consent before proceeding to the extraction.

A Personalised Service Experience

At Ornate Dental Clinic, we ensure you a personalised and friendly service experience. We offer a patient-centric service and offer treatment solutions tailored to your needs.

Do you need an emergency tooth extraction in Bentleigh? You can reach out to us even on weekends and late at night for emergency services.

We also offer sedative and anaesthetic dentistry solutions to help patients who struggle with high dental fear.

Contact Us Today For Painless Tooth Extraction

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