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G02/259 East Boundary Rd, Bentleigh East 3165, Victoria

Emergency Dentist

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Your Emergency Dentist In Bentleigh East, Melbourne

Emergencies don’t happen when you are prepared to face it or at a convenient time. When it comes to dental emergencies, you need quick care and assistance from qualified dentists for immediate recovery.

At Ornate Dental Clinic, we offer qualified emergency dental services in Bentleigh East. You can access our services on weekends and late at night by just making a phone call to us. We offer a relaxed treatment experience with our sedation and sleep dentistry solutions.

As a leading emergency dentist in Bentleigh East, we offer treatment solutions for many types of dental emergencies, such as the following.

Dental Trauma

People experience dental trauma for various reasons, including sports injuries, trips and falls, accidents, and more. Compared to other types of dental emergencies, dental trauma needs immediate emergency dental care services for better healing. Was your tooth knocked out during the accident? Our emergency dentists may re-implant it to save the tooth.


Regardless of the reason for their toothache, patients need quick relief from the pain. Are you struggling with tooth cavities or abscessed teeth? We can provide you with professional emergency dental care in Bentleigh East to contain your pain and offer you relief. As part of our emergency services for tooth pain, we provide root canals, tooth fillings, and extraction services.


Are you struggling with pain around a tooth and experiencing other symptoms such as pus in the mouth and bad taste? It could be a sign indicating that your tooth is infected. You need to seek emergency dental care to save the affected tooth and get rid of the pain at the earliest.

As reputable emergency dentists in Bentleigh East, we will offer you antibiotics to cure the infection, provide root canal therapy, or extract your tooth if it cannot be saved.

Lost Fillings, Veneers, And Crowns

Have you lost any teeth fillings, veneers, or crowns? Besides the pain and sensitivity, the loss of dental components makes people less comfortable and more concerned about the appearance of their teeth.

Ornate Dental Clinic offers emergency dental services in Bentleigh East that include replacing missing fillings, veneers, and crowns. You can also ask our assistance to repair and fix your broken dentures.

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