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Bentleigh East’s Preferred Clinic for General Dentistry

We are a dental clinic dedicated to providing Bentleigh East with the most modern facilities for people young and old. Ornate Dental strives to provide complete care for the teeth and gums, and offers comprehensive, not costly, general dentistry.

Why Ornate?

Our general services include scaling and cleaning, fillings, root canal treatments, tooth extractions, and wisdom teeth removal to name a few. But our point of difference in Bentleigh East is a modern facility with friendly staff, providing a warm environment for the whole family. We strive to remove the stress and anxiety out of the dentist and to create long-term relationships with our patients.

Whether you are coming in for a regular check-up, are experiencing pain or discomfort, or would like a consultation regarding your oral health and wellbeing, we are more than happy to help. Our team has well over a decade of established practical dental experience, available late on evenings and weekends as well as being able to provide affordable dental solutions.

Our facility

Keeping up to date with the latest dental practices goes hand in hand with the latest equipment. Unlike many dentists, we use digital radiographs, which cuts down exposure to radiation from X-rays by an estimated 50%. Taking a comprehensive approach to our dental assessments, we use an intra-oral camera to give us a keener insight into the condition of teeth and gums. The intra-oral camera can record cracks and staining that would otherwise be missed by digital radiographs, ensuring that we are providing the most thorough care possible at our Bentleigh East Clinic.

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