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Dental Crowns Give You Another Reason To Smile

With over a decade of experience, and a keen focus in restorative dentistry, Ornate Dental Clinic has been providing the Brighton, Oakleigh, and Cheltenham area quality dental crowns and bridgework. In working for countless people in the neighbourhood, we have seen patients young and old who require dental crowns, whether it be from a sports injury, or due to worn out or misshapen teeth.

We understand that losing teeth can have a large impact on your life, whether it be an impact on self-confidence or the ability to chew certain foods. We’ve established ourselves in the area as a family dentist, and part of that is understanding that every situation is different. That’s why we offer our services at the most affordable price, giving you every reason to smile again.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial but permanent teeth coverings designed to fill gaps in between teeth or to fill cavities or cracks. Aesthetically they look authentic and are fashioned to blend with the natural appearance of teeth. They are placed over chipped or damaged teeth to both strengthen and protect the tooth from further decay or damage. Similarly, they can be placed over a dental implant to create better stability in the mouth. Furthermore, they can assist in the changing the shape and size of teeth, for both functional and cosmetic purposes.

You may consider dental crowns if you:

  • Want to cover discolouration or misshapen teeth.
  • Cover a dental implant or implants.
  • Support cracked, broken, or worn out teeth.
  • Support a tooth with a significant filling.

Considering Dental Crowns?

Ornate Dental offers significant experience with dental crowns. Having returned smiles to the Oakleigh, Brighton, and Cheltenham areas, we have become the preferred dentist for dental crowns. Book an appointment online or call (03) 9042 3460.