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G02/259 East Boundary Rd, Bentleigh East 3165, Victoria

Crown & Bridge Work/Veneers

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Dental Crowns And Bridge Works In Bentleigh East, Melbourne

Do you have a missing tooth and need a natural but non-invasive option to restore your full smile?

Dental bridges and crowns are ideal options for people who want a non-invasive solution to their missing teeth. At Ornate Dental Clinic, we offer bridge works and dental crowns that can work like your natural teeth.

As a leading clinic for tooth crowns in Bentleigh East, we provide safe and qualified dental replacement solutions.

Dental Bridges

These are permanent false teeth that replace the dental gaps of missing teeth. Our dental specialists anchor the dental bridge to adjacent teeth and cement it.

We choose dental bridges based on several factors that include the position of the dental gap, the quality and the condition of the adjacent teeth, and more. Note that you have the option to choose dental bridges made from different materials. Therefore, you can customise dental bridges based on your budget and requirements. The position of the bridge placement is another factor that decides the costs of dental bridges.

Dental bridges are a great option for replacing missing teeth with a safe and simple procedure. It also looks natural and provides you with a better denture profile.

Are you confused about whether dental bridges can fit your needs? A dentist can confirm whether it is appropriate to your needs. At Ornate Dental Clinic, we welcome you for the screening to get a complete smile.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that can be mounted on other teeth for stability and strength. It can also advance the appearance of a tooth. Dental crowns are an excellent option for people who have a chipped, damaged, or decayed tooth. The crowns are fixed on your tooth using dental cement.

You can also choose a dental crown to cover your misshapen or discoloured tooth. Dentists use dental crowns to cover the implants.

Do you have cavities in your tooth and want to cover it? Tooth crowns are the finest solutions that provide strength, durability, and appearance to your tooth.

As a leading clinic for tooth crowns in Bentleigh East, we offer highly affordable services tailored to your needs.

Replace Your Missing Teeth Today

Call us today on (03) 9042 3460 to replace your missing and misshaped teeth with dental bridges or crowns. Feel free to book an appointment for a complete smile.